we make dreams come to life

Afranax is an African business directory, it’s the future, the new way to market, network, brand, and grow your business. It’s your business, your ideas, we let the world see it.


Afranax is an interactive business directory for Africa businesses. To help businesses and consumers locate and interact in their community and beyond. To help businesses build a stronger business to business relations through training, networking and build a better customer experience. 

Our directory model brings out the best in African businesses in building, financial planning, and the best in investment management.

Your business strategy is the means you set out to achieve your business goals. ideas and dreams. Afranax has the cultural diversity, forward-thinking team that will make it happen for you.

Stanley Uchegbu


ceo // owner

Stanley Uchegbu

I believe that every business is personal and unique. The connection we have with each business shows how we project them for success. Our priority is to understand each business and clients, and bond with them, be a part of their dream. Their dream is our dream.